Market employers found violating Employment Order

Rokiah Mahmud

Three law enforcement officers from the Law Enforcement Division of the Labour Department conducted an operation codenamed ‘Operasi Sanggah 197/2020’ at Jerudong Fish Market and Pasar Tani Setenaga in Sengkurong yesterday.

The operation was carried out at 2pm inspecting foreign workers. The officers found a violation of Employment Order 2009 by the employers. From the inspection, employers were found not giving employees one day rest per week, not allocating employees in accordance with the Foreign Worker Licence and abusing designations.

The actions are against the Employment Order 2009 under Section 63(1) and Section 65(4)(a)(b). If found guilty, the employer will be fined BND800 under Section 79(1) while second and subsequent offences will be fined no more than BND1,600 or imprisonment of no more than one year,or both.

For employers allocating workers not according to the licences stated violates an Act under Section 86 and offences under Section 87. If found guilty, the employer will face a fine of BND3,000 under Section 148 and imprisonment no more than one year, or both.

Wrongfully designating workers is considered a violation of the Foreign Worker Licence regulation Section 112(1). If found guilty, legal action will be taken under Section 112(3) and employers will be fined BND6,000 or no more than BND10,000 or imprisonment of between six months and three years, or both.

The Labour Department reminded employers to monitor their workers’ welfare in accordance with the Employment Order 2009 including providing employment contracts, issuing timely salary payment and providing a clean dormitory. Employers are reminded not to abuse the Foreign Worker Licence.

An officer questions an employee. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT