Man pleads guilty to filming women in bathroom

Fadley Faisal

A 21-year-old local man will learn his fate today after pleading guilty in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday to three charges of filming two women in the bathroom.

DPP Nurul Fitri binti Kiprawi revealed in court yesterday how Muhd Nurjawaini bin Musli committed the offences.

On October 2, the defendant went to a friend’s house and noticed his sister at home.

By 6pm, the defendant noticed that his friend’s sister went to the bathroom. He took his mobile phone and filmed his friend’s sister from the gap under the bathroom door.

He recorded six videos for 17 minutes.

The following day, the defendant visited the house at about 4pm. He noticed a 41-year-old woman, the victim’s friend, whom he did not recognise entering the bathroom.

He took out his mobile phone again and recorded from the gap under the bathroom door. He only managed to capture the victim’s legs.

Feeling unsatisfied, he raised his mobile phone to record through a framed window above the bathroom door and began filming.

On October 4, the defendant came over to the house again in the pretence to help his friend clean his bedroom.

After helping his friend, he took a rest.

By 10pm, his friend’s sister and her friend arrived home.

His friend’s sister went to the bathroom about 30 minutes later which the defendant noticed.

He took out his phone and filmed the victim through the gap under the bathroom door in two videos and one video from the framed window above the door. The victim noticing the reflection of a hand holding a mobile phone from the window, shouted asking who it was. The defendant then ran to his friend’s bedroom.

Feeling shocked and outraged, the victim puton her clothes and came out of the bathroom to ask who had been peeping through the bathroom.The defendant’s friend then confronted him and asked for his mobile phone.

The defendant surrendered his phone and his friend found the videos of his sister.

The victim filed a police report along with her family. The defendant who was arrested at midnight, admitted that he committed the offences out of lust.

Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid will hand down the sentence today.