Locals celebrate World Pull-Up Day

Izah Azahari

Thirty-one individuals participated in World Pull-Up Day challenge organised by the Brunei Adventure Recreation Association (BARA) in cooperation with Margix and Hidupku Hijrah Parkour at Mairgix in Kampong Kiarong last Sunday.

The annual event is globally celebrated on September 19.

BARA President Yasmin Patera delivered opening and closing remarks as well as presented certificates to the participants.

The participants took part in a challenge to accumulate 2,020 repetitions of pull-ups within an hour, where the target was met 30 minutes into the challenge with 4,645 reps accumulated by the end of the hour, doubling the record of 2,685 repetitions by Mairgix in 2015.

The highest pull-up repetitions for male participants came from Hidupku Hijrah Parkour member and BARA Vice President I Awangku Muhd Nur’Nazirul Mubin bin Pengiran Roslan with 300 reps while the highest repetition of pull-ups for female participants was 270 reps by Jessamine from Mairgix.

Yasmin Patera said BARA, through its subgroups, Calisthenics and Parkour, hopes to continue the annual tradition of celebrating World Pull-Up Day in the future.