Lest We Forget


Compiled by Dk Diana

Divers contribute to protecting marine environment

Abdul Aziz Pandin

OCTOBER 2, 2010 – Some 23 divers took up diving as part of their recreational activities but this time, they helped to clean up the underwater world as part of their contribution to help the environment.

The event was co-organise by the Brunei Scout Diving
Team and Oceanic Quest Company, a five-star PADI Dive Centre based in Brunei, with the support from Lantaran Recreational Dive Tour.

The activities took the divers to two locations for the clean up in which they managed to recover old fishing nets, plastic, tin cans, cigarette butts and even a car battery.

According to Steven Ng of Oceanic Quest, the greatest threat in the country is not pollution but underwater debris that can cause hazards to marine life and even to divers. He said that turtles are always the victims when they mistake plastic for their favourite food, the jellyfish. The Scout Diving Team will also continue to carry out project like this such as Project AWARE in the near future with Oceanic Quest which focusses on cleaning up and conservation education awareness.

Rubbish collected during the cleaning campaign

Rafting Klassik in Kuala Belait

A M Zukarnaen

OCTOBER 16, 2000 – The Rafting Klassik 2000 was great fun for all that was involved. Children were playing alongside adults, throwing water balloons and powder bombs at each other.

The worst to be bombarded by the water balloons were the festival clowns. The event took place at the Kuala Belait Boat Club (KBBC)yesterday. The sound of bag pipes and bugles by a Gurkha regiment filled the air in the opening ceremony of the event, which was organised by the rafting committee of Kuala Belait Boat Club.

Guest of honour was British High Commissioner to Brunei Stuart Laing who gave prizes away at the Rafting Klassik 2000.

Most of the people who attended was the Brunei Shell Petroleum community in Kuala Belait and Seria as well as Kuala Belait residents.

A total of 23 rafts took part in the Rafting Klassik where KBBC challenge teams used their ingenuity and mechanical know-how to build a raft and manoeuvre it around a simple course on the Kuala Belait River.

Spitfire – winner of the Paddle raft category. PHOTOS: A M ZUKARNAEN
Clowns entertaining the public during the event

The rafts made were very creative as they were made from PVC pipes, oil drums, logs, planks and bamboo.

Once the race started, two were left stranded at the starting line while the rest raced on, the “Sun of a Beach” won the poofter paddle prize.

A fierce competition raged between the competitors as they raced around the course.

Water bombs were thrown between rival crews, in the attempt to distract them from their goal.

SMR Silver Swan won the Pedal Powered rafts category while the Paddle raft category was won by Spitfire.

Best Design went to EPM Wave Breaker while the Chairlady Prize was won by STS Pirates and the Best Dressed were the Barbarians. Sponsoring the trophies were Brunei Shell Marketing and Smedvig.