Lest We Forget


Compiled by Dk Diana

Egg Art enthusiast-turned-teacher holds reunion for her students

Fadhil Yunus

OCTOBER 2, 2010 – A two-in-one event comprising an ‘Egg Art’ crafting class reunion as well as a Hari Raya gathering for Pengiran Datin Hajah Siti Mariam binti Pengiran H Ahmad students was held at her residence at Sungai Hanching yesterday. The reunion, attended by VIP including former ministers spouses and foreign ambassador’s spouses, marked five years since Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam conducted her first ever workshop.

Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam majored in management studies for her first degree, and developed an interest in crafting and designing egg collections during her postgraduate studies. She has in the past also attended exhibitions notably in the Republic of Korea. Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam is a current member of the Egg Art Association of Seoul, Republic of Korea.

In addition to be diverse artistry in egg designs, she also keeps a vast collection of folk art.

A variety of ‘egg art’ displays were on show during the gathering. These included egg art in a Cinderella-style carriage, a clock, butterfly design and many other interesting designs inspired with a pinch of authentic lady-like themes.

Selection of egg art creations by Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam binti Pengiran H Ahmad. PHOTO: FADHIL YUNUS

In describing the amount of work involved in egg art, Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam said there are multiple levels and processes ranging from basic to advanced techniques to finish an egg design. The ‘swirling egg design’ requires months to complete, she added.

Each eggshell is refined to perfection, intricately cut and carved before it is incorporated with gemstones, rhinestones, beads and pearls to make it visually stand out, thus resulting in a masterpiece.

Pengiran Datin Hajah Mariam has received well over 30 students to date, since the time she welcomed her first batch of 11 or 12 students five years ago. Her creations come from ostrich, emu, rhea, goose and chicken eggs.

The greening of Bandar

Achong Tanjong

OCTOBER 21, 2000 – Workers continue to beautify the landscape and keep up the green image of the country as the much awaited APEC Summit is just around the corner.

Roads from the Brunei International Airport to the summit area at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas as well as the town centre are being upgraded. Roads are widened and newly tarred.

The airport roundabout is having a facelift with beautiful flowers and green landscape.

Road construction workers do maintenance works and banners and billboards are being put up at the road junctions.

A Simpur shrub in the pot was planted at the roadside leading to the ICC. Bunga Simpur, a flower, is the symbol for the APEC Summit Brunei is hosting in mid-November.

At night, Jalan Sultan in the capital is lighted up with colourful neon lights. The tower clock in the town centre has a spray of lights like a crown that glows in the dark.

The Town’s Clock Tower at night