Learning the art of canapés, pralines

Daniel Lim

Canapés and pralines are often associated with high-end cuisine from lavish restaurants and eateries and special knowledge and skills are required to make these food items.

The Youth Development Centre of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports organised a workshop at Belait District Youth Centre to teach youth the skills to make such delicacies.

Canapé is a type of hors d’oeuvre or appetiser prepared in small portions to be consumed in one bite.

Praline, on the other hand, is a confectionery combining nuts such as almonds with sugar and cream to create sweet and crunchy delights.

Both dishes have in common elegant and often colourful presentation. With these properties, it is no surprise that canapés and pralines were an instant hit among the youth.

Instructors were on hand to teach the 22 participants.

Instructor Nur’Aeidah binti Haji Kamis said canapé is derived from Western culture and permeated across the globe with variations accommodating to different regions’ tastes.

“Some of these include toppings such as minced meat and eggs. On top of that can be cherry tomato, smoked salmon and capsicum.”

Two youth making canapés. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

Nur’Aeidah noted, “It’s rare for locals to make canapés. This workshop is a good opportunity to showcase canapés and teach the youth to grow their talents.”

She said making canapés come with challenges that need to be overcome. “We have to be patient and determined. As canapés are small finger food, dexterity is also important.”

She advised the youth to make use of their newly acquired skill in their entrepreneurship endeavours. They can tweak the recipe to cater to local taste.

She said making canapés can also introduce foreign cuisines to local market.

“I hope the participants will not only learn from Western culture but also sharing of our local culture abroad to fuel creativity.”

Meanwhile, praline workshop participant Aleeyaliyana binti Abdul Rahman said she attended similar workshops and appreciates learning new skills.

“Joining workshops help us expand our knowledge and possibly a new business opportunity to explore.”

She noted that gaining new knowledge is not only beneficial to workshop participants but they can pass along the skill to family and friends.

Despite knowing that making praline would be challenging, she was delighted that the instructors were helpful and shared valuable tips and tricks to make learning the new skill relatively easy.

“Do not be afraid to try going to a workshop and learn a new skill. Seeking new knowledge can possibly lead to new opportunities,” she said.