La Vida gets BND16,016 birthday contribution

James Kon

International star Wu Chun celebrated his birthday with a BND16,016 contribution to La Vida, a non-profit organisation, that aims to serve, strengthen and empower individuals and families, including specials needs people.

The contribution was derived from the proceeds of Wu Chun’s charity closet which began last August. The event was held in Kiulap, where Wu Chun and his two children, Nei Nei and Max, cut birthday cakes prepared by La Vida’s special needs youth.

Wu Chun and Nei Nei share the same birthday on October 10, while Max’s birthday falls on October 11.

Wu Chun in his birthday message said, “This year, my birthday wish is that we may find the vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as possible, and that despite the challenges, we can end 2020 with positivity and a newer, brighter hope for the coming years.

“Thank you for supporting the charity closet initiative and event. This will be a memorable birthday celebration that I will definitely treasure the most. Working with La Vida and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that share the same goals helps enrich my days.

He added, “I have always asked my fans and supporters not to give gifts to me; instead, I encourage them to donate to any cause which is dear to them and send me the receipts of the donations. Material things will expire over time but the difference we can make in other people’s lives can impact them for a long time. Knowing this will be the most precious gift.”

The contribution was received by Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Vida Dato Dr Sherlock Chin, who said, “La Vida wishes to thank Wu Chun for all that he has done for us. I would also like to extend my very best wishes to Wu Chun and his family on this special occasion.”

Wu Chun was treated to several performances from La Vida’s special needs youth and volunteers, as well as a dance by the Special Olympics Brunei Darussalam team.

Wu Chun and his children hand over the BND16,016 donation to Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Vida Dato Dr Sherlock Chin. PHOTO: JAMES KON