Intervention necessary in bid for peace

I’m writing in response to The Associated Press article on ‘Turkish Cypriots choose leader with peace deal at stake’, published in the Bulletin on October 12.

First and foremost, the article refers to the Turkish military intervention in Cyprus in 1974 as an “invasion”, but fails to remind the readers that the intervention of Turkey, as one of the guarantor powers had become a necessity following the massacres targetting Turkish Cypriots and lack of necessary action by the two other guarantor powers.

The coup was not only aiming at “annexation of Cyprus into Greece, but also annihilation of Turks in Cyprus”, as Nicos Sampson, the name behind the coup, stated in an interview with the Greek newspaper Eleftherotipia on February 26, 1981.

The Turkish military presence in the north of island stems from her guarantor status, stopped the bloodshed and served as the guarantee of peace in the island since then.

The negotiation processes carried out under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) since 1968 have failed to yield positive results.Last but not least, the Cyprus problem did not appear in 1974 after the Turkish military intervention. But in 1963 when the Greek Cypriots hijacked the Republic of Cyprus; and became impossible to resolve after the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus was made a member of the European Union (EU).

Ambassador of Turkey to Brunei Darussalam Mehmet Suat Akgün