Imams urge public not to spread unverified news, slander

Azlan Othman

The use of social media to distribute unverified news and slander was addressed in the Friday sermon yesterday.

“There are a few in our society who misuse these facilities by spreading information without checking its accuracy and validity (tabayyun),” the Imams said.

“Slander is an evil deed which can affect one’s dignity and credibility. It is the cause of misunderstandings, quarrels and disagreements that result in strained sibling relationships, divorce, family crises, enmity and divisions in society.

“We should educate and nurture ourselves, our families and society by advising one another against evil acts such as slander. We need to be more cautious and restrained, to avoid from getting caught up in the harmful act of spreading slander. Use wisely the intellect that Allah the Almighty has given us,” they said.