Iban man embraces Islam

Daniel Lim

Iban Raymond anak Nyambong embraced the Islamic faith during a ceremony at the Islamic Da’wah Centre, Belait District Branch on Wednesday.

Previously a Christian, the man from Kampong Melilas, Ulu Belait recited the Syahadah, led by Ustaz Muhammad Rushdi bin Abdullah.

Head of the Belait District Dakwah Unit Ustazah Zikrinaidah binti Haji Mat Dikir witnessed
the ceremony.

Raymond took on his new Muslim name as Haliq Rafael bin Abdul Rahman Nyambong. He also received a gift and Al-Quran from Ustazah Zikrinaidah.

The ceremony continued with the recitation of Dikir Marhaban led by members from the Sinar Islam Association in Belait District, followed by the sprinkling of scented oil onto the newly convert.

The centre has recorded 63 newly converts in 2020, while 64 converted to Islam last year.

The Islamic Da’wah Centre will always conduct workshops and courses for the new converts, which include the Introduction to Islam Course, Basic Guidance Course, as well as Advanced Guidance Course 1 and 2.

Haliq Rafael bin Abdul Rahman Nyambong recites the Syahadah during the conversion ceremony. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM