He taught me so much, Prince says of his late brother

James Kon

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen on Tuesday released a heartfelt message for his late brother, Al-Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim, who passed away on October 24.

The heartwarming message was published on His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen’s social media account.

The message read, “It was never a dull day when my Abang Azim was around. He loved to always prank us, joke around and he never took life too seriously.

“His laughter was so contagious that regardless of whether the thing was funny or not, everyone would end up laughing too. He definitely lived to the fullest. I spent every day of my entire childhood with my brother – he taught me so much and made me who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful.

“Earlier this year, my brother was diagnosed with severe systemic vasculitis which is an auto immune disease. An auto immune disease is a condition of an abnormal immune system where antibodies attack own body tissues. At the same time, he was also coping with bipolar disorder, which made the fight harder.

File photo shows His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen with Al-Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim.

“Eventually, my brother succumbed to multiple organ failure caused by persistent infections, due to the auto immune disease, which led to his passing on the morning of October 24, 2020. We wanted to share this information about these illnesses as I know this is what my brother would have wanted. He was a big advocate of bringing awareness to different causes.”

“While my family and I are all heartbroken and love him infinitely, we know that Allah loves him even more, ‘Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to Him we will return,” His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen’s message read.

Al-Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim passed away at the age of 38.

Al-Marhum His Royal Highness was an active advocate for persons with different abilities (including autism) as well as children diagnosed with cancers, among others.