FRD comes to hiker’s aid

James Kon

Six fire and rescue personnel transported a woman down the hill of Bukit Saeh, Jalan Lumapas after she suddenly fell weak and could not continue hiking.

Six firefighters led by ABK 560 Haji Ali bin Haji Mohd Noor from Sungai Kebun Fire Station rushed to the scene after an emergency call was made at 3.24pm, according to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD).

The firefighters moved to check point 11 to find the victim who was in a weak condition.

Using a bucket stretcher, firefighters transported the victim down the hill and handed her over to the paramedics.

The FRD reminded the public, especially hikers to always bring a whistle, torchlight, mobile phone and water when hiking, to ensure the weather is good for hiking, to not go hiking alone as well as to not continue hiking if unwell.

FRD personnel transport the victim in a bucket stretcher. PHOTO: FRD