Foreign worker caught performing tasks outside of job scope

Azlan Othman

The Law Enforcement Division at the Labour Department conducted Operation Sanggah 208/2020 in Kampong Jaya Setia Bakti on Sunday to ensure employers comply with the Employment Order 2009.

The inspection began at 8.30am and a foreign worker in the legal position of a kitchen assistant was found performing small-scale grocery sales and renting business at the rate of BND40 and BND60 per month, thus in violation of Section 112 of the Employment Order 2009.

Upon conviction, the Labour Department will issue a compound fine of BND600 for the first offence against the employer and BND900 for the subsequence offence.

The department also expressed its appreciation for public tip-offs to support its bid to put a lid on the misuse of Foreign Workers Licence (LPA) and reminded employers to keep a close eye on employee welfare matters in accordance with the requirements detailed in the Employment Order 2009, such as the preparation of employment contracts, timely salary payments and the provision of clean accommodation.

Information regarding the Employment Order 2009 can be obtained by contacting the Labour Department at 2381848 or 7298989.

One of the foreign workers’ quarters inspected during Operation Sanggah on Sunday. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT