Empowering special needs community

Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam recently teamed up with the Nisai Group to launch a virtual learning programme for its students in ensuring that the special needs community live a meaningful life.

The pilot programme provided the students with lessons in basic literacy and numeracy personalised to their learning abilities.

“Overall, the programme was a success,” said Pusat Ehsan in a statement. “Students were engaged and responsive, with positive feedbacks from their mentors, teachers and parents.”

A ceremony was recently held to present certificates to participating students by Pusat Ehsan Education Board of Trustees Dato Paduka Dr Haji Omar bin Haji Khalid in the presence of members of Pusat Ehsan Board of Trustees, parents and representatives of the Nisai Group including Regional Director of Nisai Brunei Dr Hajah Normawati binti Dato Paduka Haji Othman.

Pusat Ehsan believes that literacy and numeracy serve as “the basic foundation to advance learners to gain a wide range of relevant academic and/or practical qualifications to support them in accomplishing greater personal and professional independence”.

The pilot programme was launched with the objective of serving as “an alternative path for the special needs community by enabling them to attain internationally recognised qualifications that will open up employment opportunities”.

The Nisai Group has over 24 years of experience delivering high-quality education online to a diverse range of learners globally, among them vulnerable and marginalised communities as well as those not included in or qualified for mainstream education.