EBA 2.0 aims to boost local companies

Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd (BSP) launched the Energy Business Academy (EBA) 2.0 at the Cenderawasih Ballroom, Brunei Shell Recreation Club yesterday.

Acting CEO of DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) Daniel Leong, BSP Corporate Manager Haji Jaafar bin Haji Bakar, BSP Head of HSE and Security Haji Osmera bin Haji Othman, BSP In-Country Value Manager Hajah Rosita binti Haji Hassan, BSP Learning and Development Manager Dr Hajah Siti Haziah binti Pehin Orang Kaya Saiful Mulok Dato Seri Paduka Haji Abidin and representatives from participating companies SPHI Marine, Esca Marine and Engineering and Aziz Latif Company who have completed the EBA 2.0 pilot programme were present.

Hajah Rosita said EBA 2.0 is part of BSP’s aim to develop the business competencies, capabilities and improve the competitiveness of local companies.

“While celebrating these success stories, there are companies which have yet to be successful, and we should learn from their challenges and find ways to help increase their chances to succeed. This is the learner’s mindset that we want to develop; that everyone can grow their abilities, learn from success and failures and perform better,” said Hajah Rosita.

The pilot session of EBA 2.0 was launched in October last year, where three local companies were chosen to participate. The pilot-participants shared positive feedback which centred on how the sessions helped them to look at their processes from a different perspective with the tools and information available during the pilot.

BSP In-Country Value Manager Hajah Rosita binti Haji Hassan, BSP Corporate Manager Haji Jaafar bin Haji Bakar, and Acting CEO of DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) Daniel Leong at the event. PHOTOS: BSP
Hajah Rosita, Haji Jaafar and Daniel Leong in a group photo with EBA 2.0 Cycle 1 participants

“Each component of EBA has its focus area. I remember the first question asked by the In-Country Value Manager, whether our company’s mission and vision are up to date. It made us reflect on the company’s current capacity and our aspiration to grow,” said a representative from Aziz Latif Company, Hajah Norain, whose company is one of BSP’s business partners.

The pilot EBA 2.0 also helped participants recognise and address gaps in their organisations, enabling them to learn new ways of running their businesses and make more strategic decisions.

“When we attended the pilot EBA 2.0, we were astounded. Aside from finding out valuable information about the oil and gas industry, we found ourselves looking deep within our own company. The ‘Lego’ blocks, the foundation from which we built the company was strengthened through EBA 2.0 and we discovered what we lacked; what could potentially go wrong and what our key strengths are,” said Esca Marine and Engineering Sdn Bhd Managing Director and owner Malai Masrhiem.

Six companies have been selected as the participants of the EBA 2.0 Cycle 1 to work closely with experienced coaches. They are also encouraged to find their mentors via the ‘Mentor with Us’ app, a mobile application provided by BSP.