Drama at the zoo: Egg-napping penguin couple steals the nest of another couple

CNN – Is this the plot of a soap opera involving penguins? No, it’s just another day at Dieren Park Amersfoort, a zoo in the Netherlands.

In their ongoing quest to raise a chick, a couple of African penguins that rose to viral fame last year for stealing an egg from a couple have now stolen the nest of another penguins. The zoo announced the development on social media last week. A tweet from the zoo explained that the penguins are taking turns guarding the nest, which contains two eggs.

“After obtaining an egg to hatch last year, they managed to hijack an entire nest this year at an unguarded moment,” zookeeper Sander Drost is quoted as saying in a news release.

The two penguins are “a dominant couple” among the 17 penguins in the zoo’s care, Drost told Dutch News.

One of the egg-napping penguins looks out at the penguin enclosure at DierenPark Amersfoort in the Netherlands. PHOTO: CNN