Coaches prepare for youth development programmes

Fadhil Yunus

Indera Sports Club Academy (ISCA) has begun the preparation of youth development coaches before the start of the ISCA programmes mainly focussed on grassroots football.

The first briefing and learning session provided an excellent platform to the line-up of 15 ISCA coaches to share experiences, ideas and improve knowledge in their respective coaching fields especially in the development of grassroots football up to the youth level.

Conducted by ISCA Head of Youth Development Roney bin Morni, the briefing session outlined strategies that every coach should have. He also highlighted the importance of coaches playing a fundamental role in instilling discipline to the players.

Meanwhile, ISC first-team goalkeeping coach Pengiran Omar Nur Aqamaddin bin Pengiran Sallehuddin, who also donned the national team jersey, shared his experiences in shaping mental strength of players.

Earlier, General Manager of ISC Rosdin bin Haji Abdul Aziz hoped that ISCA coaches will use the learning opportunities to add their knowledge and realise it throughout the development programmes.

The General Manager added that coaches act as role-models and any coaching appearance will be followed by children at the grassroots level.

He is confident that the development programme which drew on the inspiration of ‘having fun in football and having fun for all’ will create a positive outcome in the future.