Cameroon Key separatist leaders call for school resumption after years of boycott

YAOUNDE (XINHUA) – Two key separatist leaders, for the first time in four years, on Tuesday called for school re-opening in Cameroon’s two restive English-speaking regions after years of boycott.

“School boycott is no longer a weapon of our struggle for independence. Thus, where possible Ambazonia forces should allow education and even encourage schools going,” Mark Bareta, one of the separatist leaders, said in a tweet.

“Weighing on the convictions of parents to ascertain the security guarantees of their children, I’m unapologetically asking all Ambazonia fighters and activists join me in the crusade to allow school resumption,” another separatist leader, Eric Tataw, added in a tweet.

The four-year school boycott has left over 800,000 children out of school, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).