Brunei braces for ‘occasional’ heavy rains

Hakim Hayat

Typhoon Molave, that was observed over the Philippines (13.2°N 121.3°E), at approximately 1,333 kilometres away from Brunei Darussalam as of 5am local time yesterday is expected to indirectly influence the Sultanate’s weather situation causing unsettled weather conditions, according to the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD) in a statement.

The BDMD said occasional gusty and heavy showers are expected, although Typhoon Molave is expected to continue moving northwest-wards, further away from the country. Winds of up to 50km/h are expected during heavy and gusty showers.

Meanwhile, the sea state over Brunei waters is moderate to rough, reaching up to 2.5 metres.

The BDMD advised the public to take note of the risk of flash floods especially at low lying and flood prone areas during heavy showers or thundershowers as well as the risk of falling trees during gusty conditions.

The public is advised to be up to date with the latest weather forecast, advisory and warnings issued by BDMD, and to take precautions.

BDMD added that they will continue to monitor the weather conditions and issue appropriate weather advisory or warnings when necessary. Contact the Weather Line at 114, or visit, follow BDMD’s social media accounts or check the Brunei WX application for updates.