Boost for Tutong tourism

Rokiah Mahmud

Darussalam Travel and Tours has been actively carrying out domestic travel packages for 2020, to boost the domestic tourism market.

One of its latest offerings, the Tutong District One Village One Product (1K1P) package, enables visitors to explore the customs and traditions of the Tutong District.

Yesterday, 83 local tourists participated in the package, led by six certified guides from Darussalam Travel and Tours.

Their first stop was Lamin Kampong in Kampong Penapar, Tanjong Maya, where they learned about the history and cultural traditions of the Tutong ethnic group.

One of the tourists, Hajah Nauyah binti Haji Hashim, said, “We were amazed at the activities Lamin Kampong and Pangkalan Waris. The natural scenery along the river is a good experience, especially for youngsters who have been living in urban areas.”

The next stop was the 3MPK Herbal Tea in Kampong Kiudang, where manufacturer Haji Amran bin Haji Johari briefed the visitors on the herbal tea production process.

Visitors view handicraft products by Tutong District residents as part of the 1K1P package which aims to boost local tourism.
ABOVE & BELOW: Tourists take a photo in front of one of the wells of ‘Tujuh Telaga Mandian Puteri’; and 3MPK Herbal Tea manufacturer Haji Amran bin Haji Johari briefs the visitors on the production of herbal tea. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

A visitor takes part in a Tutong wedding culture of ‘Adat Berbasuh Kaki’

The briefing was followed by a tour of an exhibition showcasing 3MPK Herbal Tea products sales which received encouraging responses from the group.

Another interesting location was ‘Tujuh Telaga Mandian Puteri’ at Bukit Udal, where the visitors were briefed on the legend of the seven princesses, which is part of Tutong folklore.

While at Bukit Udal, the visitors were also exposed to the manufacturing of virgin coconut oil, honey extraction and goat rearing.

In addition, they were allowed to feed the goats and explore the surrounding area, including a small cottage chalet built by the owner.

The tour concluded at the Lakaba Jaya Collection in Kampong Sengkarai, where the visitors were briefed and shown demonstrations of decoupage handicrafts, as well as manufacturing of chocolates.

Head of Darussalam Travel and Tours Hajah Nuratikah binti Abdullah told the Bulletin, “Every village has its own unique product. Apart from boosting domestic tourism by introducing unfamiliar locations in our country, it also helps generate income for the local mukim and village consultative councils, by encouraging them to produce local products.

“Every week, we have plenty of activities under the packages that we offer. At the same time, we also prioritise the tourists’ safety, comfortability, as well as their whereabouts so that they can have the best experience,” she added.

Apart from promoting awareness on domestic tourism, the package is also aimed at boosting the economic growth and quality of life in Brunei Darussalam.