BFA to invigorate Brunei’s F&B industry

Aziz Idris

A food judging event was held at six Brunei Food Awards (BFA) registered eateries in the Temburong District yesterday, with High Commissioner of India to Brunei Darussalam Ajaneesh Kumar as the special judge.

The Brunei Food Awards is the first-of-its-kind food and beverage award, aiming to promote and invigorate the growth of the Brunei food and beverage industry. It also recognises and formally awards the best dishes of both local and international cuisines in all four districts.

The high commissioner on arrival in the Temburong District was welcomed by Assistant Temburong District Officer Haji Md Azmi bin Haji Suhaili and BFA Chairperson Dr Malai Zeiti binti Sheikh Abdul Hamid.

Together with certified BFA judges, the high commissioner tasted various delicacies from Temburong including the popular wajid, nasi upih, cendol and udang galah masak merah, while enjoying breathtaking views of the ‘Green Jewel’.

According to BFA, the High Commissioner’s support provides an opportunity for foreign envoys and embassies to experience Brunei’s rich food culture and traditions.

BFA also emphasised on transparent judging activities as an integral part of the awards, where a total of four certified judges including one special judge, will evaluate and provide a score to dishes submitted by participating restaurants and eateries from all over Brunei.
The highest score given to these dishes will determine the winner for the Best Dish award category of 2020.

The evaluation of dishes is based on the EAT Methodology standard utilised by the World Food Championships that takes into account the execution, appearance and taste of the dish.

One must undergo and pass an examination that is also set by the World Food Championships to qualify as a certified food judge.

Nearly 100 eateries and over 200 dishes have been scored and evaluated around Brunei to date, while 200 more are expected to be evaluated this month, before the official BFA ceremony expected to take place in December.

High Commissioner of India to Brunei Darussalam Ajaneesh Kumar was the special judge at the event. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS