XimiVogue opens 10th Brunei store

Well-known Korean-based fashion retail store, XimiVogue announced its important milestone with the opening of its 10th store in Brunei Darussalam within the first year of its launch.

XimiVogue officially opened its first retail store in 2019 at Rimba Point Shopping Centre, one of the popular shopping destinations in Brunei Darussalam.

This was followed by another four stores with plans to continue expansion well into 2020.
The positive response from the public is the main contributing factor to XimiVogue’s rapid growth in the country as Bruneians grew to love the brand and its many product offering.

Brunei Darussalam is no exception to the global popularity of Korean pop culture – Hallyu or Korean Wave and XimiVogue’s presence is well received from the repeat visits from customers from all demographics.

The strength of the fast-fashion brand can be observed from the variety of products available.

By bringing in fresh products, consumers can always expect a diverse range of items based on new designs, concepts and tastes.

Household, fashion and accessories are among the top-selling items, indicating the rise of people’s interests in this new variety, all of which are ensured to be of good quality and affordable.

Another contributing factor to XimiVogue’s success is its strategic locations.

Its branches are located in mainstream and busy shopping areas including The Mall in Gadong, Times Square Shopping Centre, and latest branch in Tanjung Bunut.

The team also made the extra effort to make each branch unique from one another by offering different types of products.

This distinction allows XimiVogue to keep up with the consumers’ demand and renew their interests along with the arrival of new items every month.

XimiVogue also launched an online application, available for both Android and iOS platform, called XimiLover for customers to join a membership.

The membership allows users to collect points, discount coupons and reward items.

Meanwhile, an online store, www.ximivoguebrunei.com, was developed to further establish an online presence.

The online store proved popular with a rise in online sales amid the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in the country.

XimiVogue plans to resume refining its effort and try to build more stores in the future to achieve its aspiration in making XimiVogue the top fast fashion brand in the country.

With more local talents being recruited under the franchise store, means more job opportunities for the locals, giving them the experience to gain skills and learn about businesses.

The first anniversary marks another beginning for XimiVogue to continue thriving in success and making pathways for entrepreneurship in Brunei.