Tyler Perry officially becomes billionaire

BANG! NEWS – Filmmaker Tyler Perry has officially become a billionaire, according to
Forbes magazine.

The 50-year-old filmmaker has been named as Hollywood’s latest member of the club after earning USD1.4 billion in pre-tax income since 2005, and it’s said he’s currently worth USD1 billion overall.

According to Forbes magazine, Tyler has earned his wealth through shrewd business prowess, and he owns 100 per cent of everything he creates from TV series and films to stage productions.

In a breakdown of his money, the publication revealed USD300 million resides in cash and investments, while a further USD60 million comes from his BET stake.

He recently opened his own 330-acre film studio lot, and USD280 million of his wealth comes from the value of the location.

And while another USD40 million is made up of his homes and personal material assets, the largest source of his fortune comes from his film and TV media rights library, which is valued at USD320 million.

Meanwhile, the director – who is set to receive a special Emmy at next month’s ceremony for his charitable efforts – recently credited his late mother Willie Maxine Perry for his charitable spirit.

Tyler – whose mom died aged 64 in 2009 – explained: “That’s the DNA of my mother. My mother was just such a kind woman.

“I’m thinking of her because I know that she would be smiling from heaven. So that’s definitely that part of my DNA.”

The director acknowledges that some people “just need a hand up” in life and that “motivation can take them a long way”.

He added: “I realise that people aren’t out there struggling because they want to. There are people that just need a hand up and that little bit of motivation can take them a long way.

“I’ll never forget being in the grocery store, in Winn-Dixie in Atlanta, trying to pay for some food and couldn’t pay for it.

“I was at Kroger. I couldn’t pay for it. There was a woman behind me who gave me the money to get the food that I needed. Never knew her again.”