Teachers urged to strengthen moral values of students

Azlan Othman

The profession or career of a teacher or educator is not a simple task as they have to face issues and attitudes of various people, especially parents and students. Nevertheless, they should always be patient, steadfast, courageous, gentle and confident in educating and delivering their knowledge. What is important in carrying out the duties and responsibilities as a teacher and educator is to seek the pleasure of Allah the Almighty and for the success and excellence of the children, religion and country.

Imams in the Friday sermon in commemoration of the Teacher’s Day celebration this month, also said the task of teaching and guiding, requires sacrifice and commitment of time, mind, energy and the like.

“In our religion, teachers and educators are people who are highly respected and given a high position, in accordance with their duties and responsibilities in enhancing knowledge, teaching and educating people to become successful and virtuous.

The most important thing teachers and educators need to remember is to assist students to strengthen their moral values,” the Imams said, adding that this should not be ignored.

“Teachers should set a good example to the students because teachers can influence the personality of a student,” the Imams said.

“Teachers are respected for educating us tirelessly and patiently. All difficulties they undergo in teaching and educating should be appreciated. One way we can value and appreciate the contribution of a teacher is by saying thank you,” they said.

Brunei Darussalam commemorates the services and contributions of teachers every year.

The celebration is to recognise teachers who have contributed for the development of the community and the nation, the Imams said. Pendidikan Berkualiti Teras Kecemerlangan Pelajar (Quality Education, the Core of Student’s Excellence) is the theme of the Teacher’s Day celebration this year.

“The quality of education gives a high impact to the development and success of a country. In Brunei, various efforts and initiatives have been undertaken by the authorities leading to innovation in education.

“These efforts aim to create a well-educated and skilful generation contributing to the country’s development. Various innovations have been implemented to enhance the quality
of education.

“Quality education is the core of a student’s excellence. Without a quality education system, the students and even the country will be left behind,” they said.

Excellent students also have good morals and identity and can assist in the development and progress of the country, especially to realise Brunei Vision 2035, the Imams said.