Tazkirah highlights tadabbur, encourages Muslims to increase faith

Syazwani Hj Rosli

RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque Takmir Committee members organised a Majlis Ilmu programme titled Subuh di Taman Syurga at the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque in the Belait District yesterday.

Assistant Senior Professor of the Faculty of Education of the Religious Teachers University College Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) Dr Ahmad Yunus bin Kasim delivered a Tazkirah titled Tadabbur Kisah Di Dalam Al-Quran.

The Tazkirah touched on how the human stories and history in Al-Quran are an example and guidance for Muslims.

Meanwhile, tadabbur are stories reflected in Al-Quran based on the kitab tafsir muktabar which explains the human nature and the meaning conveyed by the stories.

By reflecting on the tadabbur, Muslims can increase their faith and iman towards the greatness of Allah the Almighty because it is through tadabbur that a person can truly appreciate the beauty of Al-Quran.

The programme aims to enliven the mosque with religious activities such as Majlis Ilmu as well as provide opportunities for mosque congregants to gain blessings and rewards from Allah the Almighty.

It is hoped that the programme will provide knowledge for congregants, especially on the topics discussed during the Tazkirah as well as encouraging village residents to take part in
mosque activities.

The Majlis Ilmu programme at RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque. PHOTO: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI