Stop treating commercial areas as stray animal dump sites

We last wrote a letter to the Weekend Bulletin last year, seeking help in the management of stray dogs in Latifuddin Complex/Lee Chai Industrial Park area in Kampong Pengkalan, Gadong.

Some people were not happy and wrote in to rebut the issue by highlighting that the strays were fed and cleaned by dog lovers in the area.

It’s been a year and the issue has persisted.

Unlike what was claimed, no one has been feeding or taking care of these stray animals.
There is now leftover rice all over the pathways with empty plastic containers littering the area. There are also urine and faeces everywhere, leaving a stench in the air.

To clarify, we do not hate these strays; we do not wish them harm. However, we are unable to maintain a clean environment if these supposed dog lovers treat the area like a dumping ground for their unwanted pets.

This is a commercial area. We work here; we have customers coming to our shop. Thus it is of utmost importance that we keep our place of business enticing to our customers.

But it’s not possible if this stray animal issue remains unresolved.

To the dog lovers who defended these strays’ existence in the area, perhaps you could transport them somewhere else, where it’s more suitable for them?

Kami Perihatin