Snake hitches ride with woman in glove box

NDTV – A woman driving her car did not realise that she was carrying an unwanted passenger in the glove compartment – a venomous snake. The Australian woman was behind the wheel when she noticed a red-bellied black snake in the glove box of her Toyota.

Andrew Smedley of Andrew’s Snake Removal said that he was called to a pharmacy in Queensland by the woman who noticed the venomous snake slithering inside the glove compartment. The driver pulled into the chemist’s after spotting the hitchhiking snake.

“The lady driving obviously got a fright as she seen it coming out while driving amd pulled in to the chemist,” Andrew’s Snake Removal said in a Facebook post, sharing a video showing how the snake was rescued from the car.

“It’s usually a nightmare to find a snake when its got in to a car but luckily found this guy pretty quickly,” the snake catcher added, saying that he found the red-bellied snake “sitting nice and content” in the glove compartment. The video showed Smedley working to carefully remove the snake. Since being posted online, it has garnered over 2,500 ‘shares’ and hundreds of comments.