Small is beautiful

Rokiah Mahmud

When it comes to miniature toys and models, Yapp Giem Eing is incredibly meticulous in assembling and colouring every piece.

With skills he learnt by himself, he created interesting models with incredible designs.
“It started when my father gave me a Gundam model kit. I used a nail cutter to cut the tiny pieces and then I polished and glued the structures together,” said Yapp in an interview with the Bulletin.

“Satisfied with the finished product, I began to develop an interest in miniatures,” he said. His collections began to grow when he delved further into his hobby.

Starting his collections when he was eight, Yapp has a range of collectibles that he has assembled which include super heroes, army soldiers and military tanks. Yapp said while miniature designs is not complicated, the process can be delicate. Starting from cutting the small fragments, it continues to assembling the kit using a special glue.

“After you are done assembling the models, you need to paint it with a waterproof paint. You need to polish the models with a special polishing materials to protect the colour, once the paint has dried,” he said.

Some of Yapp Giem Eing’s collections. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR
Yapp works on his model

Yapp believes that creating background stories for his models can help him with the designing process. “I used to imagine that my models, especially the superheroes and army models, are engaged in battles.”

He sometimes refers to famous characters from animations or games in his designs.

“Once you have the story line, that’s where the challenge starts as every miniature requires different designs and colours.”

For those who share the same passion, he advises them to look after the collections properly.

He also urged them to expand their circles so that they can share or exchange their collections with others.

On getting the support from his family, friends and other miniature enthusiasts, Yapp said he is grateful to be able to enjoy his hobby. “It gives me a peace of mind when I paint and collect miniatures,” he said. As an online supplier for the miniatures in Brunei Darussalam under the brand Kitsu Models, he plans to open the first miniature shop in Brunei so that those interested in it can find miniature collections without the hassle of ordering online.