Safety features to look out for when buying a car

When you’re buying a car, it is important to look out for quality safety features.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), safe vehicles are vital in averting crashes and reducing the likelihood of serious injury on the off-chance that they happen.

Cars made in the 21st Century are built to address such issues and are now often equipped with smart, state-of-the-art technology to keep drivers safe.

Modern Jaguar and Land Rover models are also equipped with sturdy, reliable components and software controls, said a press release by Indera Motors Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Jaguar Land Rover in Brunei.

One such technology to look out for is Lane Keep Assist.

As creatures of comfort and habit, it’s easy to drift out of lane when changing the radio station or talking to the children in the back seat. When this unintentional lane drifts happen, cars equipped with Lane Keep Assist can steer you back into lane.

Cars equipped with Park Assist can steer itself when parking. PHOTOS: INDERA MOTORS SDN BHD
Make traffic jams and commutes safer with Cruise Control System

The Blind Spot Assist is an innovative feature designed to keep drivers and passengers out of harm’s way. When the sensors in the car detect another vehicle in or approaching blind spot, Blind Spot Assist will utilise steering torque to guide the car away from any vehicles.

This feature is especially helpful for new and inexperienced drivers, as well as driving in visually unfavourable conditions.

One of the trickiest parts of driving can be parking. If drivers get anxious when reverse parking or parallel parking, consider the 360° Camera System. It makes it easy for drivers to get an all-around view of the surroundings, alerting drivers to hazards such as other cars, pedestrians and blockage in the parking lot.

Another parking feature to look out for is Advanced Park Assist which makes parking in tight spaces easier. Cars equipped with this system can accurately steer itself during parking manoeuvres and all drivers have to do is control the brakes and accelerator.

Many motor accidents are caused by lapses in concentration and focus. This can happen to anyone when the body is fatigued, distracted and inattentive, especially during long commutes or heavy traffic situations.

Modern cars are combatting this by equipping cars with Driver Condition Monitors, a system that collects thousands of data points in an algorithm to detect lapses of concentration and tiredness in the driver and suggests taking a break.

Other systems like Cruise Control and Steering Assist make navigating these situations safer and easier.

These smart systems can automatically centre the vehicle in lane and will allow drivers to set a preferred speed and following distance. There is no need for constant switches between brakes and accelerators anymore when the system automates this process for the drivers.

Look to car dealers offering roadside assistance. At Jaguar Land Rover, trained technicians are on stand-by 24/7 and just a phone call away. Human errors are bound to happen and when they do, whether it be minor accidents, break downs or locking keys inside the vehicle, it is good to know that car dealers and insurance agents have a cushion for owners to fall on.

It can be overwhelming to look for all these features when searching for the perfect vehicle. Jaguar Land Rover cars make it convenient by incorporating the features as either standard built-in features or optional add-ons into their line of vehicles designed to give peace of mind on and off the road.