Restaurant operating in residential area shouldn’t be allowed

My neighbour has been running a restaurant business at his terrace house since last year.

It is a residential area. Thus, there isn’t a designated car park for his customers other than his garage. As a result, his customers would park wherever convenient, including outside the gate of someone else’s house and by the sides of the road, turning a two-way lane into one.

To make matters worse, customers looking to make a U-turn would make use of our compounds to perform the manoeuvre. There are also cigarette butts littering the road as people would smoke near their parked vehicles.

Despite countless complaints filed to various authorities by the residents, the restaurant is seemingly operating with impunity.

We have collectively tried various ministries and law enforcement agencies, as well as our village head and the landlord of the property. So far, the responses have either been the issue being outside of their purview or that they are currently in the process of taking action.

I live in a residential area; and a restaurant simply has no business of being operated outside of a commercial zone.

I would like to know if there’s a specific government agency that we should approach to bring an end to this long-running issue.

Peaceful Life Seeker