Rare albino lesser panda spotted in SW China

CHENGDU (XINHUA) – A rare albino lesser panda was captured by an infrared camera at a national nature reserve in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the reserve’s authorities said.

Lesser pandas are small, raccoon-like mammals that feed on bamboo.

They are also known as “red pandas” because of their reddish-brown fur.

The infrared camera set up at the Dafengding National Nature Reserve captured two photos and two videos of the ‘discoloured’ lesser panda.

Meanwhile, it also photographed a lesser panda with normal fur colour.

The footage reveals a sharp contrast between the two pandas.

According to College of Life Science, China West Normal University Associate Professor Wei Wei, the albino lesser panda is the first variant of its kind found in China so far, and it is probably due to albinism.

The species is under second-class national protection.