Progress made on BruMAP-NCD 2021-2025

James Kon

Following the conclusion of Brunei Darussalam’s National Multi-Sectoral Action Plan for the prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases 2013-2018 (BruMAP-NCD 2013-2018), the Ministry of Health (MoH) is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as stakeholders to come up with a brand new BruMAP-NCD  2021-2025.

The MoH, with WHO cooperation, is conducting online consultation sessions via Zoom with stakeholders in the country to receive input and recommendations to improve the BruMAP 2.0 draft at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex. The session which began yesterday continues tomorrow.

According to the MoH, one of the main priorities in realising Brunei Vision 2035 is to improve or enhance the quality of life in Brunei Darussalam. In 2013, the MoH introduced Brunei Darussalam’s National Multi-sectoral Action Plan for the prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases 2013-2018 (BruMAP-NCD 2013-2018). In 2019, an assessment was carried out with WHO support and cooperation to evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan.

Findings from the assessment showed that the government successfully initiated and took several significant steps to reduce unhealthy habits such as formulating policies relating to the reduction of tobacco use, healthy food and promoting physical activities and instil the culture of cooperation among sectors. A number of opportunities were also identified to strengthen and expand the action including measures to influence food environment.

Strong scientific proof shows that preventive comprehensive and integrated strategies such as inculcating physical activities through conducive and safe infrastructure, eradicating the sale of cigarettes and introducing laws to support healthy food choice can impact the change of behaviour towards health and the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Therefore, integrated action across government and non-government sectors is crucial in ensuring the effectiveness of the programme in preventing NCDs.

To continue the multi-sectoral efforts in preconvention and control for NCDs, the MoH prepared a draft on BruMAP-NCD 2021-2025 in line with mandates, recommendations and polices at the international level and aligned with the MoH’s strategic objectives and the WHO Sustainable Development agenda on NCDs.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Professional) at the MoH Dr Haji Zulaidi bin Haji Abdul Latif, directors, senior officials and staff from public and private sectors as well as stakeholders attended the consultation workshop.

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Professional) at the Ministry of Health Dr Haji Zulaidi bin Haji Abdul Latif in a group photo. PHOTO: MOH