Programme to train tomorrow’s leaders

Persatuan Kemajuan Insan (KESAN) in collaboration with Brunei Youth Council (MBB) on Sunday held a Leader’s Ignition Training (LIT), a new platform to nurture youth between 15 and 20 in building strong leadership skills.

Held at the Youth Centre, the training incorporated modes of learning through the sharing of theories as well as practical activities.

The programme focussed on time and conflict management, facilitated by Nurizzatul Izzah binti Haji Abdul Rahman from MBB and Sarah Haji Mutalif from KESAN.

LIT Coordinator Hannan Ghani said, “One of the main objectives of the programme is to empower youth and build their soft skills for self-development, which in turn will allow them to contribute to the wider society.

“We believe that through this platform, youth will be able to raise their capability to lead others and to carry out their responsibilities within the society.”

Nurizzatul Izzah binti Haji Abdul Rahman from Brunei Youth Council with a participating youngster. PHOTO: KESAN