Paint job brings burst of colours to capital

Syazwani Hj Rosli

A row of multi-coloured, freshly-painted shops is slowly emerging in the capital.

Over the past few days, workers have been busy working on the project, which has caught the attention of Bandarku Ceria (BKC) visitors and the public who are capturing images of its progress and helping it go viral via social media.

BKC visitor Hikmawati binti Haji Abbas said she was “surprised with the transformation, and that it looks fresh.

“It is nice to see the old buildings getting some colour treatment. The colours add spirit to Bandar, especially with Bandarku Ceria. I hope to see more colours on other buildings as well.

It adds vibrancy and fun to the atmosphere,” she said.

She believes this can help attract more tourists, adding, “To have a beautifully painted city in your photo is definitely a main tourism drive. These locations will become a hotspot for many people, especially the younger ones. Such colourful aesthetic will be an advantage to attract more people, Insya Allah. It is good to see the authorities making Bandar livelier.”

Meanwhile, Syakirah Al-Munawwarah binti Haris, 17, said the transformation with striking coloured buildings, would definitely become her selection for photoshoot backgrounds. “When I am out with friends, we always try to find interesting photography backgrounds. This will add a pop of colour to our next social media post,” she said.

A freshly-painted building in the capital. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR