Outstanding driving experience with Jaguar Land Rover’s Approved car

Purchasing a car whether new or pre-owned, it’s best to know about the car’s background
and information.

At Jaguar Land Rover, pre-owned cars are called ‘Approved’ cars because they have undergone meticulous inspection before being approved for sale.

Once approved, the Jaguar Land Rover Promise, a list of six promises, is put in place to ensure maximum performance.

First is a checklist of 165 points of inspection. This list ensures that every used car submitted to be ‘Approved’ is in optimum electrical and mechanical condition and possesses pristine bodywork. Paintwork, interior, complete engine preparation, road test and a final inspection are all part of the comprehensive multi-point checklist.

All used car must pass 165 checks to be considered an ‘Approved’ car.

Every used vehicle must also undergo a mileage and history check to verify its servicing history. Missing a year of servicing mean that the vehicle’s authenticity has been compromised. Only cars that are fitted with genuine parts and followed Jaguar Land Rover servicing plans are accepted as Approved.

Every used car must pass 165 checks to be considered an Approved car

As with every car that enters the Jaguar Land Rover service centre, only manufacturer-trained technicians lay hands on Approved vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover trained technicians undergo specialised training to keep up with the latest technology, diagnostic and repair techniques.

Jaguar Land Rover also promises coverage and benefits after purchasing an Approved car.
An ‘Approved’ vehicle comes with a two years warranty that covers repairs of sudden and unexpected mechanical or electrical failure.

A 24/7 road assistance for two years is also an added benefit for Approved cars.

This assistance covers eventualities ranging from immobilisation due to breakdown to accidents to minor emergencies such as a puncture or lost keys.

Indera Motors will hold an Approved Pre-Owned Weekend at its Beribi showroom this weekend from September 25 to 27.

Customers get to test the ‘Approved’ car and walk away with limited-edition merchandise.

Customers are entitled to exclusive gift bundles when they make an ‘Approved’ car purchase from September 25 to October 31.