Lindt opens world’s biggest chocolate museum with 30ft Lindor fountain, cocoa cafe

Sophie Roberts

DAILY STAR – Listen up, chocoholics.

Lindt just opened the biggest chocolate museum in the world – and it looks incredible.

At the grand opening in Zurich, Switzerland, on Sunday, tennis ace Roger Federer greeted guests as they entered Lindt’s Home of Chocolate museum.

Visitors got to explore the 65,000-square-foot venue, which has its own Chocolateria where you can make your own sweet inventions.

Another delicious-looking feature of the museum is a 30ft chocolate fountain.

In a scene that looks like something straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it spills 1,500kg of melted chocolate over a huge Lindor ball.

The 30ft chocolate fountain spills 1,500kg of melted chocolate over a huge Lindor ball. PHOTO: AFP

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the museum also boasts its own Lindt cafe.

And for guests who want to try as much choccy as possible, there’s a tasting room called Chocolate Heaven. This area is packed with a wide variety of sweet treats – including Tabasco hot chocolate. It also sells cocoa-themed savoury dishes like salads and quiches.

And for those who want to get really geeky about chocolate, they can get a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process too.

There’s a Lindt shop, cafe and tasting area – and you can head into the factory too.
Lindt is allowing visitors into its factory to learn about chocolate making and the history of the company.

They can watch as beans are made into cocoa liquor, before they’re turned into liquid chocolate.

This velvety mixture can then be moulded into balls, bars and pralines – delicious!
The website states: “Join us as we travel to Central America to discover the secrets of chocolate dating back thousands of years.

“Witness Spanish explorers bringing the exotic drink back to the royal courts of Europe – and how it gradually conquers the rest of the world from there.”