Kad Utama Guru handed over to teachers

Insurans Islam TAIB Holdings Sdn Bhd (IITH) and its subsidiaries – Insurans Islam TAIB General Takaful Sdn Bhd (IITGT) and Insurans Islam TAIB Family Takaful Sdn Bhd (IITFT) – presented their first ever IIT Kad Utama Guru to participating schools and teachers in the nation, in conjunction with Teacher’s Day.

The teachers eligible for the IIT Kad Utama Guru are those covered under the Teachers Takaful Plan offered by IITFT and schools participating in the ‘Group Student Takaful’ product offered by IITGT.

IITGT offers protection for students from kindergarten up to university for as low as BND5 annually, while IITFT provides coverage for teachers as low as BND26 annually.

IITH Acting Managing Director Hajah Nornaimah binti Haji Zainip, IITGT General Manager Haji Zamrin bin Haji Abdul Ghani and IITFT Executive Officer Ahmad Mamduh bin Abdul Wahab presented the Kad Utama Guru to the principals of Seri Mulia Sarjana School, Nusa Laila Puteri School and Al-Falaah School.

The Kad Utama Guru will also be presented to 43 other schools across all four districts. Cardholders can now enjoy additional discounts and free benefits for selected IITGT products.

Handing over the Kad Utama Guru to a principal. The Kad Utama Guru will also be presented to 43 other schools located across all four districts. PHOTO: INSURANS ISLAM TAIB