JPku Ceria opens tomorrow

Jerudong Park Country Club Sdn Bhd (JPCC) is introducing the JPku Ceria programme every Sunday from 6-10am.

The weekly programme will start tomorrow at the Jerudong Park Playground, in support of the Bandarku Ceria programme and contribute to the domestic tourism activities in the country.

JPku Ceria, which complements the September school holidays, provides the opportunity for JPCC to share its values to the public to “explore, share and enjoy”.

Different themes will be incorporated every Sunday throughout September. This Sunday’s theme will be Kedayan – one of the seven ethnic groups of Brunei.

JPCC is collaborating with the Melayu Kedayan Association (PEMEDAYAN) to host the ‘Dapoo Kedayan’ (Kedayan Kitchen) at the Jerudong Park Food Court on September 4-6 from 10am to 9pm. A wide variety of food choices from the Kedayan community’s favourites will be available, with the highlight on Nasi Katok Kedayan. Its main objective is to promote Kedayan traditions to the public especially the younger generation.

Visitors can expect first-hand interaction with members of the Brunei Kedayan ethnic group. Activities have also been lined up and can be participated by several age groups.