[email protected]: Catalyst programme takes off

Following the official launch of the InnoLab in February, Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST) commenced its first cycle of [email protected]: Catalyst programme on September 19, with 30 participants on an orientation session called ‘Coffee with the CEO’ to explore their views and new product ideas.

DST CEO Radin Sufri bin Radin Basiuni said, “InnoLab is the focal point of Innovation at DST, where all parties can innovate, spark and foster, create and develop, source and grow with innovation for the benefit of not only DST but also for our customers and our communities to support the development of the Digital Economy in Brunei.”

The first cycle to the [email protected]: Catalyst programme has been designed specifically to meet the needs of university students in their final year of study and employed graduates, who have limited capacity and time to engage in a programme like Catalyst.

Over the next 14 weeks, the participants will work on understanding the problems they seek to solve by designing and testing solutions which will be validated with potential DST customers.

The participants will receive proper education, mentoring and coaching by national and international experts followed by continuous advice and support from the DST Senior Management team.

The second cycle to the [email protected]: Catalyst programme will be launched in the coming weeks and will specifically targets university and institutes of higher learning (IHL) graduates interested in being Founders or Builders. The Founders Series will support participants to create their own product, build their own business and to be their own boss.

This series will focus on the participants’ creation and development of new business opportunities, which will then lead to the creation of their own businesses.

The Builders Series will support the participants to apply their own knowledge, enhance their own expertise and solve our problems. This series will focus on the creation of solutions to technical and commercial opportunities identified by DST. The second cycle will be short, more intense and focussed as compared to the 14-week programme of the first cycle. It will be a programme focussing on the view of supporting unemployed graduates who seeks to create new opportunities for themselves.

Those interested to register for the second cycle of the [email protected]: Catalyst programme or for more information on the programme visit www.dst.com.bn/innovateuni-catalyst/.

Participants at the first cycle of the [email protected]: Catalyst programme. PHOTO: DST