Initiative promotes workplace safety awareness

Azlan Othman

The Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) remains committed to ensure Brunei is a safe place to work and live. This is in line with the nation’s aspirations under Brunei Vision 2035 to achieve a high of quality of life, SHENA Chief Inspector Jaime Rebelo said.

He made these comments during a talk at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bandar Seri Begawan (CCC BSB) headquarters in the capital recently.

CCC BSB President Malcom Lim welcomed Rebelo and representatives and thanked them for sharing the history and future outlook of SHENA on safety measures in Brunei Darussalam.

Lim also thanked the Chamber’s Youth Business Council director Lim Ting Guan for providing the platform for the event and the collaboration from the Chamber’s Vice President Thomas Koh who is also representing the industry HSE group, to conduct the event as part of the awareness programme.

The Executive Council and business owners of various industries also participated.

SHENA and Chinese Chamber of Commerce BSB members during the event. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

Rebelo also said as part of their drive to reach out to stakeholders, SHENA believes in raising HSE standards in the workplace while working to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities.

The Chamber said the HSE Outreach Programme initiative marks another milestone for
the Chamber.

Interaction provides better understanding of the law and requirements of the workplace health, safety and environmental issues, and gears to meet changes and challenges.

The Chamber members comprise those from the manufacturing, construction, logistics and retails’ sectors.

The Chamber will work closely with SHENA to create a safer, healthier and more environmental friendly working environment for employees and the public.

Lim said the Chamber will play its part and conduct a series of awareness and educational events. He believed that through continuous efforts, a safety culture can be instilled at
the workplace.