India’s southern city reports first COVID-19 re-infection case

MUMBAI (XINHUA) – India’s Southern city of Bengaluru has reported its first re-infection case of COVID-19 after a 27-year-old woman discharged in July was confirmed to have been reinfected with the virus, a statement by a local private hospital said yesterday.

“Normally, in case of infection, the coronavirus Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody is tested positive after two to three weeks of infection, however in this patient, the antibody has been tested negative, which means she did not develop immunity after infection,” said Fortis Hospital Infectious Diseases Consultant Dr Pratik Patil from a leading private hospital chain in India.

The relapse comes at a time when Bengaluru, the information technology hub of India, has 41,453 active cases with 2,128 deaths reported so far. Other possibility is that the IgG antibodies disappeared in nearly one month leaving her susceptible for reinfection, Dr Patil said.

Such cases indicate that the antibodies are not developed to last long enough and allows the virus to enter the body and cause the disease again, the doctor said.