Imams urge congregants to follow MoH guidelines

Azlan Othman

Members of the public attending Friday prayers are required to wear a face mask, in addition to bringing their own prayer mats and scan the BruHealth QR code when entering mosques and suraus.

During the Friday sermon yesterday, Imams reminded congregants that failing to comply with the Ministry of Health (MoH)’s directives is an offence under the Infectious Diseases Act (Chapter 204) which carries the penalty of a fine of up to BND5,000.

Those refusing to comply with the issued orders are also liable to prosecution and fines up to BND10,000 or jail for a term of up to six months, or both.

“The public is advised to always comply with the directives issued by the MoH and other government agencies, to control the spread of the pandemic in the country,” said Imams in
the sermon.

“Cleanliness starts at home. Therefore, parents and guardians should guide and educate children on the aspects of hygiene. Be a family that cares about cleanliness, which will eventually result in a community that prioritises cleanliness.

“Together, let us maintain and cultivate the habit of cleanliness in our daily life whether in public or private, as well as spiritual hygiene. Hopefully, by observing cleanliness in our lives, Brunei Darussalam will be a beautiful country, clean and free from any disease and harm.

“Let us pray together to Allah the Almighty that we may be counted among those who constantly repent and purify themselves. May we be among the righteous who always do
good deeds.”