Have a heart when it comes to stray animal problem

I would like to call on the authorities to be more involved in solving the stray animal problem in the country.

Perhaps, just like dog owners, the authorities could make it imperative for cat owners to register their pets as well. Hopefully, it would make owners think twice before allowing their cats to breed freely.

Numerous countries have employed the “trap, neuter/spay and release” programme to keep stray animals from breeding. However, I’m not too sure if it would work here. I’ve seen stray cats overseas and they look healthy. Here, a lot of them are in poor health condition.

Stray cats tend to roam areas populated by outdoor eateries and food vendors. A friend of mine is uncomfortable with furs. Just imagine being brushed up against by a stray cat at a market. Not to mention the question of hygiene due to the living conditions of these stray animals.

Animals deserve to be loved by humans, even those that roam the streets looking for food.
I believe it’s not a simple matter of caring about strays, as more that we need to have a heart when devising solutions to end the stray animal problem in the country.

Animal Lover