Giant pumpkins break Utah state record at weigh-off in Lehi

LEHI, UTAH (AP) — The Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers has recorded eight pumpkins in Utah this year weighing over 455 kilogrammes, setting a state record.

The first-place pumpkin at the 16th Annual UGPG Thanksgiving Point Weigh-Off last Saturday weighed an incredible 830 kilogrammes, KSTU-TV reported.

The hefty gourd was grown by local farmer Mohamed Sadiq. It was the largest pumpkin to be grown outside of a greenhouse, and the second largest pumpkin ever grown in the state, event organisers said.

The event was an official weigh-off site for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, an organisation that has made giant pumpkin growing a cultivated hobby with standards that ensure fruit quality, competition fairness and education.

The group is hosting a second event at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove on October 10.

Utah farmer Mohamed Sadiq set the Utah State record for the largest pumpkin to be grown outside of a greenhouse. PHOTO: KSTU/ RYANN SEAMONS