Family drug business busted, NCB seizes biggest Syabu haul

Lyna Mohamad

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has recorded the largest haul of drugs, money and properties with the confiscating of more than 19kgs of drugs believed to be Class ‘A’ drug – Syabu, estimated to have a market value of BND3,700,000 on September 10 during an operation dubbed ‘Musang King’.

Law enforcers raided three separate houses in Jalan Junjungan, Kampong Limau Manis believed to have trafficking network and drug abuse activities, and rounded up 13 locals suspected of being involved in the activities, comprising nine men and four women aged between 18-59 years.

The item seized believed to be proceeds from drug trafficking activities included several foreign currencies amounting to more than BND250,000, several gold jewelleries, branded watches and handbags, gym and electronic equipment, home furniture, 13 cars, two boats and a motorcycle. A search on the suspects’ residences and vehicles led to the findings of several plastic bags containing fragments of crystals believed to be Syabu.

The activities of the arrested individuals are the biggest and most active family drug business in the country, believed to be the biggest supplier of Syabu.

The authorities also found 202 cartons of cigarettes of various brands which were handed over to the Royal Customs and Excise Department.

Drugs seized during the bust. PHOTO: NCB

One suspect arrested is under investigation for an offence under Section 3A of the Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA), Chapter 27, an offence for the possession for the purpose of trafficking of more than 100 grammes a Class A controlled drug and is liable to be sentenced to a mandatory death penalty.

The other suspects are investigated under Section 6(a) MDA, Chapter 27, an offence for the possession of a controlled drug; Section 6(b) MDA, Chapter 27, an offence for the consumption of a controlled drug; Section 7 MDA, Chapter 27, an offence for possession of utensils used for drug consumption; Section 9 MDA, Chapter 27, an offence of allowing the premise to be used for the consumption or unlawful trafficking of controlled drug; Section 10 MDA, Chapter 27, for abetments and attempts punishable as offences; and Section 3 Criminal Asset Recovery Order, 2012, for the offence of money laundering that carries a fine not exceeding BND500,000, imprisonment for a term not more than 10 years or both.

The NCB reminded persons involved in drug trafficking activities that the bureau will continuously track them until they are brought to justice.

NCB expressed its appreciation to security intelligence and enforcement agencies for the cooperation extended to the bureau.

Information on the misuse of drugs can be relayed to the bureau through the office line at 2448877, hotline 8777444 or email [email protected]