Doctors pull snake out of woman’s throat

NEW YORK POST – Terrifying footage captured the moment doctors pulled out a four-foot-long snake from a Russian woman’s mouth after the serpent slithered in while she slept outside, according to a report.

“Let’s see what this is,” a man is heard saying in the video as a clearly horrified doctor pulls out the cold-blooded creature from the woman’s body, The Sun reported.

It was unclear if the snake was alive or how long it had been inside her before she was rushed to the hospital after feeling unwell, according to the outlet, which noted that it could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

The hospital staff performing the operation on the woman to pull out the snake from her mouth. PHOTO: Twitter

The Ministry of Health in the Republic of Dagestan said it was investigating the video, the Sun reported.

Chief Doctor of the Levashinsky district hospital Patimat Abdurashidova said she was unaware of such a procedure being performed at the facility.

Locals said such incidents are infrequent as older citizens advise people not to sleep outside, as the woman did, because of the risk of snakes entering their mouths.