Create awareness on dengue fever and its danger

I would like to applaud the Bulletin for bringing attention to dengue fever in their Features page, “Beware of the ‘deadly bite’” on September 29.

Since COVID-19 began sweeping across the globe, a lot of health measures have been focussing on curbing its spread. As important as containing the coronavirus is, it’s equally vital to remember that dengue fever is still very much a concern. The fact that Brunei has recorded 43 cases with one death so far this year is worrying.

We are still in the midst of the rainy season, and the fact that the Aedes mosquito prefers to breed in stagnant water “found in uncovered vessels such as flower pots, clogged drains, plastic bottles and discarded tyres” makes me wonder why not more people pay careful attention to their living quarters. A visit to most homes would raise a few red flags.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 100-400 million infections each year, with half of the world population now at risk. Unlike COVID-19, which is spread through human contact, we cannot tell the mosquitos to practise social-distancing. But what we can do is to practise more vigilance to ensure our compounds are kept clean and dry.

I believe that more awareness needs to be raised on uncovered vessels, especially during the current rainy season.

Or perhaps strict enforcement by the authorities to ensure that people take seriously the need to keep stagnant water away from the compounds.

Concerned About Health