Commemorating 210th anniversary with array of events

Peugeot celebrated 210 years of daring, passion and innovation on September 26. From the fashion revolution in the 19th Century to the mobility revolution, with bicycles and cars, the Peugeot brand has always shaken up the rules to redesign the standards of mobility.

To celebrate the anniversary, Peugeot has created a programme of unique and festive events.

This includes: the creation of a special logo dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the Lion Brand; an international promotional campaign ‘2.1.0 Let’s Go’ which runs from August 24 until the end of 2020; an editorial strategy in September and October dedicated to social media with the online release of 13 films recounting the brand’s greatest moments; two exclusive digital events held in September; an exclusive film on the “heroes” who have made Peugeot’s history what it is today broadcasted on the brand’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms; the brand New Peugeot 508 Sport being chosen by the public as the most iconic vehicle of the last two centuries on September 26; EUR1 admission for visitors to the Musée de l’Aventure Peugeot in Sochaux from September 1 to October 30; selling Peugeot lifestyle products dedicated to the brand’s 210th anniversary celebrations on the online shop; the selection of the most iconic two-wheeler among a selection of 12 historical or more recent models posted on Peugeot Motocycles’ Instagram account.