‘Catch a Nissan’ and win BND10,000 cash voucher

James Kon

‘Catch a Nissan’ from September 21 until October 18 and stand a chance to win a BND10,000 cash voucher.

Nissan Brunei’s latest social media competition is open to those aged 14 and above.

Participants of the ‘Catch a Nissan’ competition need to take as many photos of any Nissan cars in Brunei and post on their own Instagram account within the competition period.

Those wishing to join must also cover the licence plates of the cars when taking the photos.

Participants must set their Instagram account open to public throughout the competition for organisers to verify their posts.

Participants will need to take photos of Nissan cars with the photo prop provided by Nissan Brunei. The licence plates of the cars must also be covered when taking the photos. PHOTO: NISSAN BRUNEI

Meanwhile participants are also allowed to create a new Instagram account just for the competition.

To take part, the public must register and pay a BND2 registration fee at the Nissan Showroom in Beribi or Kuala Belait or at the Automagination Showroom in Lambak.

Once registered, participants will be given photo props from Nissan Brunei which need to be included in every photo posted on Instagram. This is to differentiate participants’ photos from one another.

The participant who posts the most Nissan car photos on his/her Instagram account will win the cash voucher.

For information, the public can visit the nearest Nissan showroom.