Car after sales service offers peace of mind

There is more to owning a car with the best safety features. Roadside assistance and reliable technicians are also important.

After calling authorities and ensuring that everyone is safe, a motorist’s first stop after an accident should be contacting the authorised car dealer. This is because the car dealer possess intimate knowledge of the car and have the right skills and solutions to help through an emergency or accident.

Jaguar Land Rover have manufacturer-trained technicians to ensure that the car is fixed correctly and only genuine parts are used. Trained technicians undergo specialised technical training programmes to keep up with the latest vehicle technology alongside diagnostic and repair techniques and processes.

On the occasion that a car requires bodily repairs or parts replacement, Jaguar Land Rover can provide genuine car parts and paint.

Going for anything less than genuine will risk the safety of the car.

In the case of car break downs or requires some repair, an authorised dealer may be able to cover the cost of some of the repairs if the vehicle is within the warranty period.

Jaguar Land Rover offers car owners with a peace of mind with its five-year service plan, three-year warranty and three-year roadside assistance.

Jaguar Land Rover also offers extended warranty of two years.

Jaguar Land Rover has trained technicians with specialised knowledge and tools for specific cars. PHOTOS: JAGUAR LAND ROVER
Regardless of the weather, 24/7 roadside assistance is provided by Jaguar Land Rover